Purim Schedule!

Fast of Esther - Monday 13 Adar - March 9th 2020:

5:51am - Fast Starts 

7:25pm - Fast Ends 

*Machatzis Hashekel  

6:30pm - Afternoon Services with Torah Reading

7:15pm - Megillah Reading 


Purim Day - Tuesday - 14 Adar - March 10th 2020:

7:15am - Morning Services with Torah and Megillah Reading

4:30pm - Grand Purim Party with Megillah Reading!


All Services are at Chabad House LES - 37 Essex St. 

Don't forget 4 Mitzvos of Purim - Hear the Megillah, Give Shaloch Manot, Give Money to the poor  /Article.asp?AID=3842975, Eat a festive Meal 

For Megillah Reading for the home bound and Elderly please contact us