Sukkah 1
Services will be held at 104 Delancey St between Essex and Ludlow

Please contact us to order your Lulav and Etrog set.
All of our services are FREE and open to all.
There is a Sukkah at 104 Delancey that is open to the public. For more information call 347-675-2623


Wednesday, October 4


Evening Service followed by Sushi and Scotch in the Sukkah

   6:20 PM

Thursday, October 5


Morning Service with Lulav and Etrog followed by Kiddush in the Sukkah

 10:00 AM

Evening Service 

6:20 PM

Friday, October 6


Morning Services with Lulav and Etrog followed by Kiddush in the Sukkah

10:00 AM

Evening Services 6:20 PM

Morning Service

10:00 AM
Evening Service 6:20 PM
Wednesday, October 11- Shmini Atzeret
Evening Service followed by Kiddush in the Sukkah followed by Hakafos 6:10 PM

Thursday, October 12

Morning Service

10:00 AM

Yizkor Memorial Service 11:30 AM
Click HERE to donate in memory of someone for Yizkor Service.
Evening Services 6:10 PM
SUPERB hot buffet Kiddush followed by festive Hakafot and Lchaim! 
All men, women and children welcome
7:00 PM

Friday, October 13


Morning Services

10:00 AM

Hot Kiddush followed by everyone having an Aliya to the Torah and the completion and beginning of the reading of the Torah again. All are welcome!
11:00 AM
Evening Service 6:05 PM
Shabbat Bereishit, October 14
Kaballa Class 9:15 AM
Morning Service followed by deluxe Kiddush. 10:00 AM
Evening services followed by a farbrengen 6:10 PM

The Shabbat after Simchat Torah is Shabbat Bereishit — "Shabbat of Beginning" — the first Shabbat of the annual Torah reading cycle, on which the Torah section ofBereishit ("In the Beginning") is read.

The weekly Torah reading is what defines the Jewish week, serving as the guide and point of reference for the week's events, deeds and decisions; Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi called this "living with the times." Hence the theme and tone of this week is one of beginning and renewal, as we launch into yet another cycle of Torah life. The Rebbes of Chabad would say: "As one establishes oneself on Shabbat Bereishit, so goes the rest of the year."